Recent high profile illicit massage parlor investigations have renewed attention to law enforcement efforts to focus on penalizing traffickers in an attempt to eliminate exploitation and support survivors of human trafficking. From the Dallas operation suing the building owners, to the Florida operation that yielded high profile arrests of billionaire John Child’s and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, law enforcement across the nation are focusing their energy around eliminating this form of trafficking utilizing our team of subject matter experts’ proven best practices. Our team of subject matter experts have supported over 125 different United States jurisdictions (including dozens in Texas and Florida) in adopting the investigative best practices seen in these Dallas and Florida operations, to ensure victims are supported and exploiters are stopped.

Watch the WFLA Tampa News Channel 8 interview below to learn about our work shifting cultures in Florida.

Advocates like Keyhan and Costlo say shifting the legal and regulatory focus away from sex workers and aiming it at the businesses and those running them isn’t just more humane toward the trafficking victims, but it’s a more effective way to eradicate the problem. A [victim]can easily be replaced, they explain, unless you take down whoever is orchestrating the crime ring. 

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