Did you catch our CEO Rochelle Keyhan on NBC News national Nightly News broadcast last night? If not – watch the segment below. Soon after our team trained Jupiter Department of Health officials, they identified human trafficking at the massage parlor where Robert Kraft was arrested. Our CEO speaks on NBC Nightly News and in an op-ed about this growing national anti-trafficking effort.

The link to the full episode is here at NBC News.

We also published an op-ed on contextualizing this month’s high profile anti-trafficking investigations in Florida (that caught Robert Kraft) and Texas that are part of a national effort to end IMB trafficking. Check it out at Thomson Reuters Trust.

This form of investigating human trafficking, emphasizing victim support and culturally sensitive investigative practices while focusing the investigation on the exploiters, like traffickers and buyers, is the new wave of best practices spreading across the United States. Obvious benefits to this shift in approach away from arresting the victims and toward supporting them, are that victims of human trafficking, who are recruited from other nations with very different cultures, languages, and systems, are being supported by our criminal justice system, while the perpetrators are being held accountable. Another benefit is in showing buyers, who create the demand for the sex trafficking market, are finally put in the position to fear consequences.

The high profile arrests of Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft, and billionaires John Childs and John Havens, have shined a bright spotlight on the human trafficking that happens everyday in our own backyards. Support Collective Liberty as we continue to equip law enforcement agencies with the skills, data, and connections necessary to continue conducting these large scale organized criminal investigations that put traffickers out of business for good.

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