Our CEO Rochelle Keyhan was honored with the International Association of Financial Crimes‘ annual “Cyber Crime Investigations Contributor of the Year” award at this year’s conference.

She presented on human traffickers’ financial crimes and fraudulent behavior at the conference on Monday to a standing room only filled room of passionate, global investigators from 4 separate continents.

On Tuesday, she was honored with this award in the plenary session that opened the main conference sections, highlighting her strategic and data-driven contribution to law enforcement and financial crime investigators’ approach toward combatting human trafficking. This work has involved the curation of human-trafficking specific data and actionable intelligence support for law enforcement partners. Alongside this data contribution, she has provided consulting support that assisted with the apprehension of over 1,000 traffickers.

Thank you IAFCI for recognizing our work, and honoring Rochelle for her trailblazing work!

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