Did you know there are over 25 types of trafficking in our country? That it is happening in every city and state? One type you’ve probably seen without realizing is trafficking in massage parlors. My team, while at Polaris, released a groundbreaking report on massage parlor trafficking based on field research in over 120 US jurisdictions. Our field collaboration over 2 years led to the closure of a full 10% of the nation’s 9,000+ illicit massage parlors, earned letters of commendation from Texas senators and the NYPD, and just this month, our CEO was awarded the Thomson Reuters Stop Slavery Hero award for her leadership in this area. If you want to learn more, you can visit collectiveliberty.org.

Our nonprofit is working hard to  continue this focus on collaborative systems change work (on both national and hyperlocal levels) – and I need your help!

There are five easy ways you can help us work to end trafficking across the nation!

  1. Make a donation. We are just getting started and donations from our supporters are crucial. If you want to be part of our core support team helping us get off the ground, we would deeply appreciate your help!
  2. Amazon Smile. Doing some holiday shopping on Amazon? With a few clicks, you can ask Amazon to donate a percentage of your purchase price to Collective Liberty! Go to smile.amazon.com to designate Collective Liberty as your charity of choice, or use the direct link here. After that, make sure you use the smile.amazon.com link every time you check out (we suggest bookmarking it in your browser).
  3. Facebook Fundraiser.  Would you start a Tuesday fundraiser for Collective Liberty on your Facebook page? It only takes a few clicks, and would make a world of a difference to help us get a strong start with brand name recognition and donations! Just go to the Collective Liberty Facebook page and select “Create Fundraiser” at the top. Facebook autofills all the information – so two clicks and your fundraiser will be live!
  4. Facebook Invites. You can help us increase our audience and reach by taking a few minutes to invite your friends to like the Collective Liberty Facebook page. It’s easy and will have a big impact! 
  5. Forwarding this message. If you want to go the extra mile – forwarding this message to your contacts and asking them to take these simple steps during the holiday season to support a women owned and led organization dedicated to ending slavery would help us build a firm foundation going into 2019.

Thank you so much for your consistent love and support – and for considering taking any of these supportive steps!

THANK YOU! Happy holidays!

The Collective Liberty team

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